• IP65 rated / IP67 (Optional)
  • Support PC/104 form factor
  • Active-warming design enclosure
  • Customizable I/O ports configuration services
  • Company’s logo engraving services
  • Enhances the reliability of your systems in -60℃~+80℃ environment(Optional -100℃~+80℃)
  • Ready to ship in 7 business days

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The ICE-104 series is an efficient, reliable, and flexible waterproof enclosure solution for PC/104 system.

It allows users to install any PC/104 board into the enclosure and connect the I/O ports easily.  Its one-piece design not only increases the durability but also enhances water impermeability rating up to IP67.  Its multi-flexible modular design allows users to stack the PC/104 system into a 1U, 2U, or 3U system.

The ICE-104 series also provide customized services, such as personalized laser engraving logo and personalized I/O configuration.  Any logo can be engraved with a pattern and text on the enclosure and I / O PORT positions can be adjusted corresponding to the user’s own applications.


  • Fits any PC/104 modules
  • Various I/O ports supported
  • Personalized laser engraving logo available
  • IP67 rated
  • Ready to ship in 7 business days



1 Cover Case-ICE-Cover ICE  Cover  Case 2
2 Frame_Case Case-ICE-Frame-3L ICE  Frame  Case  3U(49.8mm) 1
3 Shockproof_Rubber SILICON-ICE-SHOCK-1 Shockproof  Rubber 8
4 Waterproof_Rubber SILICON-ICE-WP-1 Waterproof  Rubber 2
5 Left_Bracket Case-ICE-PC104-L-BR PC/104 Module Left  Bracket 1
6 Right_Bracket Case-ICE-PC104-R-BR PC/104 Module Right  Bracket 1
7 Left_Bracket-PW Case-ICE-PW-L-BR PC/104 Power Module Left  Bracket 1
8 Right_Bracket-PW Case-ICE-PW-L-BR PC/104 Power Module Right  Bracket 1
10 Anti-Vibrate_Grommet SILICON-ICE-Vibrate-1 Anti-Vibrate_Grommet 8
11 Anti-Vibrate_Grommet-Screw SCREW-ICE-Vibrate-1 Anti-Vibrate_Grommet-Screw 8
12 Round  head  screws SCREW-ICE-R3 M3 x0.5-L6 12
13 Flat  head  screws SCREW-ICE-FLM4-SL M4 x0.7-L12 8
14 Hexagon  screw SCREW-ICE-HEXM5-SL-2 M5 x0.8-L60 4
15 Nut SCREW-ICE-NUT-M3 JIS B 1181 Hesagon nut – Class 2 Finished M3 – S 8
16 Nut SCEW-ICE-NUT-M5-SL JIS B 1181 Hesagon nut – Class 2 Finished M5 – S 4





Custom I/O port CNC etching service



Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 181.6 × 184.7 × 56.6 mm
Peripheral Function

PC/104, PCI/PCIe


ICOP Technology



Direct Hyperlink

ICE-104 Datasheet

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