• Mini-PCIe VGA card
  • Build-in 4Mbyte Pseudo SRAM
  • Resolution 1024×768 max. @60Hz
  • VGA or 24-bit TTL

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Vortex86VGA is a 22mm x 16 mm LQFP 128 package.It integrates a PCIe bridge controller and a VGA controller with 4M-Byte Pseudo SRAM memory (16-bit data width). It also incorporates 3.3V DVO digital interfaces to support a third party LVDS/TMDS transmitter.



Main Features

• Maximum Display Resolution :
1024×768@60Hz 16bpp with 65MHz video clock
• Integrates one dedicated PLL for video clock generation
• Supports VESA DDC
• RGB Analog Output
• One dedicated 24-bit or 12-bit digital visual port
for external DVI, or LVDS companion chip
• Supports PWM to control panel backlight. Output
clock is input clock div 256
• Supports one DMA for system memory to video memory and video memory to
• PCIe Interface x 1: Support PCI Express v1.1
• Operating Voltage Range :
Core voltage: 1.2 V ± 5%,
I/O voltage: 1.8V ± 5%, 3.3 V ± 10 %
• VBIOS: Size 32KByte
Combine with System BIOS, no extension ROM
• Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃
• Package Type : LQFP 128
• Supports one 8-bit CCIR656

Block Diagram


Mini-PCIe VGA card

For detail reference design, schematic, gerber, layout, layout guide ….etc, please contact to get the FTP access for all the reference design documents.

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Weight 7.9 g
Dimensions 51 × 30 × 9 mm
Peripheral Function


Display Interface



ICOP Technology


Chipset Vortex86VGA
Display VGA, TFT-LCD, and 24-bit LVDS Support
Resolution support up to 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz
VESA DDC Support
Operation Temperature -20°C ~ +70°C



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