• 64GB
  • MLC type
  • Industrial Grade
  • Operation Temperature: 0 ~ +70°C / -40 ~ +85°C (Optional)
  • M.2 M-key 2242 form factor

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ICOP IM242S is characterized by L3 architecture with the latest SATA III (6.0GHz) Marvell NAND controller. The exclusive L3 architecture is L2 architecture multiplied LDPC (Low-Density Parity Check). L2 (Long Life) architecture is a 4K mapping algorithm that reduces WAF and features a real-time wear leveling algorithm to provide high performance and prolong lifespan with exceptional reliability. ICOP IM242S is designed for the industrial field and supports several standard features, including TRIM, NCQ, and S.M.A.R.T. In addition, the exclusive industrial-oriented firmware provides a flexible customization service, making it perfect for various industrial applications.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 220 × 150 × 50 mm

ICOP Technology

IM242S-User Manual

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