QEC – Digital Input/Output Control Demo kit


  • QEC-M-01 (EtherCAT Master)
  • QEC-R11D0TL-N (EtherCAT Slave 32-channel Low-speed Digital Output module)
  • QEC-R11DT0L-N (EtherCAT Slave 32-channel Low-speed Digital Input module)

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Unveil the Future of Coding and Monitoring with the QEC DIO Demo Kit – Your Ultimate Learning Playground!

Tailored for budding tech enthusiasts and students, the QEC DIO Demo Kit opens the gateway to hands-on coding and monitoring mastery. This kit empowers you to take control of digital inputs and outputs, offering a deep dive into real-world applications.

🔌 Digital Input Exploration: Dive into the realm of digital inputs using the dedicated slave controller. Seamlessly integrate sensors and devices, unleashing a new world of interactive possibilities.

💡 Digital Output Prowess: Harness the power of digital outputs with another dedicated slave unit. Experience the thrill of controlling external components, illuminating the path to innovative projects.

📊 Masterful Monitoring: The master unit becomes your mission control, granting you the ability to monitor inputs and outputs with precision. Gain insights into real-time operations and elevate your monitoring expertise.


Why QEC DIO Demo Kit?

🛠️ Coding Playground: Immerse yourself in coding and scripting. Unlock the potential of digital inputs and outputs, enhancing your technical prowess.

🔌 Hands-On Experience: Transition theory into practice. Experiment with digital elements, bringing code to life through real-world applications.

🎓 Educational Excellence: Perfect for students, the kit provides a structured platform to master coding, monitoring, and digital interfacing principles, empowering you for future tech challenges.

🚀 Future-Ready: Equip yourself with skills applicable across industries. Forge a strong foundation in coding and digital interfacing, poised for a tech-driven future.


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